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Here is what your six week course looks like. And, don't be scared, you have lifetime access to the course if you fall behind or just want to retake it.

"I highly recommend Jeremy as your performance coach. He is very friendly, understanding and knows how to help you find the best answers to whatever challenges you're facing in your life. He is very passionate about his work, and really cares about other people and serving as well as possible."

Max Illingworth
Chess Grandmaster and the 2018-19 Australian Chess Champion




What Do You Think People Struggle With More Than Anything Today? 


More importantly, what do you want more of in your life? I believe what most people want to have more of is:




However, the struggle comes down to balancing LIFE ARENAS, right? We don’t want to knock our CAREER out of the park while we destroy our HEALTH by working too many hours. We want to make our sure our family knows they are the center of our world. We cover all of this and more in:


WEEK 1 TRAINING: Life Arenas Performance Strategies

What we seek is balance in the most important arenas of our life. This is what the first week of training focuses on. We will cover:


Life Arenas Performance Building Blocks: Learning each  life arena and discovering what they mean for you.

Prioritizing Life Arenas: Learning what priorities each life arena should take in your life.

Core Life Arenas Assessment: A dive into where you stand as it relates each life arenas and how you can start improving all of them.


INCLUDES 38 Pages of Implementation EXERCISES! You are going to get a TON out of this course!




Do you know how many people are ENGAGED in their WORK?


According to a 2018 Gallup poll, a mere 34% of workers feel “engaged”. And, we all want to feel more engaged and excited about what we are doing for our DREAMS and CAREER, right? I believe what we want more out of our CAREERS is:




However, we oftentimes suffer to gain the very most we can out of our CAREERS which brings us to:


WEEK 2 TRAINING: Career Strategies Optimization

What we seek is meaning, satisfaction, appreciation, and success. And, most importantly, we don’t want other life arenas to suffer as we focus on our CAREER. This is what the second week of training focuses on. We will cover:


Career Strategies Optimization: Learning 10 assessment areas and measuring those areas to see how we are doing and how we can gain more fulfillment, success, appreciation, health, work/life balance, and more MEANING in what we are working towards.


INCLUDES 13 Pages of Implementation EXERCISES!




Do you feel like you are living at an OPTIMAL level of Health & Energy? 


Are you feeling fatigue and a lack of energy compared to how you want to show up? Are you able to bring the kind of energy and vibrancy that you need to for yourself and others?  I believe what we want more out of our ENERGY & HEALTH is:




However, most of us are not doing everything we can to lead the most healthy life and there is research that shows exactly what we should be doing. And, this is brings us to: 


WEEK 3 TRAINING: Amped Up Energy & Health

While all of this may seem like common sense, it is currently not common practice and there is science to show how each strategy can boost your levels of health and energy.  From brain function, disease prevention, longer life spans, and just having more energy to show up as a more fully alive human being is at the core of this training.  We will cover:


Amped Up Energy & Health: Learning 10 key assessment areas to measure ourselves in and what research has shown us about not only how much we should be doing but also, the health benefits or consequences of not doing these. Most importantly, what you should start implementing right away to make a difference.


INCLUDES 21 Pages of Implementation EXERCISES!




How can some People Accomplish So Much While Others feel like they are barely Getting By? 


There is a TON of modern research on PRODUCTIVITY.  As a society, we are not following the best habits that the most effective people in the world follow. I believe that most people want to experience more:




However, we have become creatures of DISTRACTION, and REACTION. Everything wants our attention. We can get stuck in doing a ton of busy work but not our dream’s work. Between the text messages, funny videos, television, constant emails, and a cell phone attached to our body at all times, we are going through a lot of motions versus intentionally planning and making our days work for us.  We all want to feel more of a sense of accomplishment. This brings us to:


WEEK 4 TRAINING: Productivity Mastery

Productivity comes back to owning our day, setting intentions, and following through with goals. One strategy will improve your productivity by 30% alone.  We will cover: 


Productivity Mastery: Learning 12 productivity optimization areas that you can use to amp up your life and career by being more meaningful with your time and goals. Mastery of productivity is a necessity in order to move to the next level of success both professionally and personally. 


INCLUDES a 19 Page Implementation Exercise PLUS a Daily Plan Roadmap and 90 Day Planner!




What is the difference between an OK leader and a GREAT leader?


I believe GREAT leaders have mastered the top habits and qualities that others have not. If there was one word to describe a great leader, I think it would be:




What makes world class leaders? It's all in how a world class leader carries themself. I believe that we all want to be leaders whether it is for our companies, our families, our customers, or whoever we serve. This is what we cover in:


WEEK 5 TRAINING: Leadership Mastery Strategies 

Leadership is serving other people and doing everything it takes to empower others. It is about being a role model, standing tall when others hide, and doing the right thing. We will cover:


Leadership Mastery Strategies: Learning 10 leadership strategies that the most elite leaders in the world put into play to be world class LEADERS.   


INCLUDES 18 Pages of Implementation Exercises!




Why do people struggle to make their goals a reality? What keeps people up at 3AM? 


I believe the answer to that is quite simply:


TAKING ACTION (or a lack of it). 


Isn’t it true that we can catch ourselves on auto pilot and all of a sudden, years have went by without making any real progress? Implementing and taking action in life is one of the most important things we can do. And, this is the exact reason why I created what we will cover next: 


WEEK 6 TRAINING: Integrating Life Arena Success

Integrating Life Arena Success is how we put it all together and decide to take action on what we want.


Integrating Life Arena Success: Learning the top strategies that help you stand out and take action on the changes you want for your life.      


INCLUDES 13 Pages of Implementation Exercises PLUS: Daily Vision Planner and 1 Year Goals Planner!

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We do not believe in get rich quick schemes or get successful overnight schemes. This is about hard work, dedication, and putting time into yourself to make yourself better so that you can contribute at your optimal self with more influence, meaning, productivity and ultimately, do what you are called to do. SUCCESS takes hard work and dedication and truly what you put in will be what you get out. 

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