Performance Arenas Focus:
"I thrive by helping others stop
going through the motions in
life. From Burnt Out to Blazing,
I'm honored to be your Certified
High Performance Coach
™ and
help you discover how to knock
your dreams out of the park."


- Jeremy Miller, CHPC


Meet Jeremy Miller

Founder and CEO of Performance Arenas and founder of Bugon Website Services. Jeremy has developed and implemented training programs and taught them 1 on 1 as well as trained, consulted, and educated companies of all sizes including top Fortune companies. 
In 2007, he was the founder and CEO of Bugon Website Services that helped thousands of people and businesses better market their businesses. In 2012, he made a move and took a chance on discontinuing that business to train and lead corporate projects. As the founder of Performance Arenas in 2014, he has the experience of mentoring and training hundreds of companies and people. He works with both companies and individuals to help them reach sustained and heightened levels of high performance. But, the path to high performance didn't come without a battle and  persistence.


In his corporate experience, he has significantly reduced the learning curve for new hires by a combination of high quality and direct targeted training. As the founder of Bugon Website Services, he increased year over year earnings by as much as 500% over two consecutive years. Very experienced in influencing organizations from an analysis, training, project and program management, and software rollout perspective. 

Through his coaching, he has helped many reach higher and sustained levels of performance.

"I highly recommend Jeremy as your performance coach. He is very friendly, understanding and knows how to help you find the best answers to whatever challenges you're facing in your life. He is very passionate about his work, and really cares about other people and serving as well as possible."

Max Illingworth
Chess Grandmaster and the 2018-19 Australian Chess Champion

Why Others Count On Jeremy

Jeremy believes that anyone who gives enough time, energy, and effort towards a goal can accomplish what they set out to. In a world of distractions, Jeremy believes in setting intent to optimize and amplify energy and productivity levels. And, from personal experience he knows it takes continued coaching to continue in order to reach for and attain higher level goals. 

"Jeremy is an amazing coach that brings his heart and soul into every session. He is a family man that thrives on helping others to push through their own limitation to reach new levels of productivity, passion, and fulfillment. I sincerely enjoyed working with Jeremy and gained new insights about myself that I will carry with me the rest of my life!"

Dr. Ram Cheruvu
Pharmacist from Plano, Texas

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