My Risk to Leave a Safe Job to a Risky Job


I left a safe job to take the risk at being an International Business Analyst. I was told I would be traveling about a week on and week off. Little did I know, they'd want me on the road 21 days at a time. This wasn't going to work with my family. The flight home from London was one of the longest flights I have ever been on. I felt like I failed myself and my family and I should have just stayed in the safe little job I had.

It all turned out ok, but in the time, it felt like the end of the world. You have to risk it sometimes to see what's on the other side. Things are not as bad as we make it sometimes.

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Take a Ride of Your Life and Have Fun - Georgia Mountain Coaster


This is the Georgia Mountain Coaster in Helen, Georgia. This was a heck of a ride and was a little scary holding my cell phone for dear life. Here are my thoughts thoroughout the ride:

0:12 - This thing was just built in the Summer or Fall of 2019.
0:29 - hey, why is there nothing under me?
0:37 - there we go...smooth sailing
0:49 - oh wow....this thing goes up a lot further than I thought it would!
0:58 - wonder what it is going to be like going all the way down
1:22 - wow, seriously not up to the top yet?
1:45 - I sure hope I don't drop my phone on the way down!
2:30 - that was a long climb
2:47 - no going back now
2:53 - released - full throttle petal to the metal - no slowing down!
3:17 - maybe I should slow down for this curve....naaaaaa
3:20 - what was that noise on that curve?????!
3:35 - best single ride coaster I've ever rode
3:55 - What a rush! Definitely glad I did this at night time

Life is a roller coaster. Make the most of it. Take chances - not dumb ones but ones that can...

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Chase Your Dreams - Stop Being Scared

Your brain loves a constant feed of safety and not taking any risks. However, if you have dreams, stop being scared and start chasing them.
Live An All-Star Life
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