Worry About Outperforming Yourself and Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

As a Certified Coach and Performance Arenas Coach, I put a lot of emphasis on is "The Only Person you are trying to outperform day over day, week over week is yourself." You are trying to put out more by working harder, working smarter, and getting things done better. You're not in a competition. You are not competing with other people.
You are not trying to get this money other people have. You are you. Your competition is to outperform yourself. I really encourage you to put the emphasis on outperforming yourself. Stop putting emphasis on comparing yourself to others.
Who cares about the home that Johnny has or the amount of money that Susie has. Who cares? That is not going to move you forward toward where you are trying to go. Worry about you and performing yourself day over day. Hold yourself accountable for that and see how you change and show up in the world.
"The Only Person You Are Trying to Perform Day Over Day or Week Over Week is Yourself." -...
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