Stop the Negativity - Wake Up and Have a More Positive Mindset

I think it's time we make an efffort to avoid negativity more! You turn on the news and all there is are negative things happening in the world. The TV and drive to work have tons of ads just trying to shove products and motives down your throat and sell you on stuff.
The negativity is running rampant and if you are not focused in and around positive people, fighting it off and focused on what God has blessed us with in this world, you may get dragged down with it. Then, you may become that negative person. That person saying "I just can't stand going to work". "Oh, I got to go work out." You can take things that are such a blessing and make them negative.
God gave you another day to wake up on this Earth and you should be joyful about that. "Oh Hey, I have the opportunity to get up and go to the gym today so I can be more healthy for me, my family, and others." Get that positive mindset, get around more positive people, and please stop the negativity.
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