Past Failures - Stop Letting Them Get You Where You Need to Be


Past Failures - Stop Letting Them Get You Where You Need to Be

One of the biggest things that hold people back from their dreams or going to chase a different career of their past failures. That voice inside saying, "Well, you know I tried to open my business before and it FAILED!" Who Cares? It's going to happen! Or, "I tried to get a job before and I stepped into this new role and it didn't work out at all. They told me I wasn't good enough and it FAILED!" TRY AGAIN!

Some of the most successful people who have really impacted people's lives the most have fell flat on their face hundreds or thousands of times before they finally had the breakthrough. You look at someone like Rachel Hollis and she got on the stage at Influencer and said, you better be counting on writing four books that fail before you start making some traction. Do you have it in you that you want to share bad enough? Do you care enough about people to put your message out there because you want to make a huge...

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