Success is Dependent On You to Take Control and Stop Making Excuses


If you are going to be successful, you have to stop making excuses for things in your life. So, the problem with saying something like "I'm not in shape because of the things around me" is it is really an ownership issue. If you aren't doing what it takes for anything in life, it is your fault and you need to take ownership (as hard as that may be to hear). 

You're not late for work because of traffic. You are late because you didn't leave in time to get to work. Stop making excuses for things in your life for things you have control over. It's time to take ownership. You're not unhappy in a job because you have a bad employer. You're unhappy in your job because you haven't either found a way to be happy in your current employment situation or found another employer that you are going to get that satisfaction out of. 

So, no excuses and start taking ownership!


"If You Are Going to Be Successful, You Have Got to Stop Making Excuses for Things in Your Life." - Jeremy...

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