Not Settling for the Job You Are in but Struggling


I decided that I was not going to get older and not have explored what other job opportunities were out there. I joined this small company that was into website design and optimization. Having being passion in this area in the past, I decided, I was going to go for it!

I got into the company and could start to feel, "this just wasn't right for me." It was the type of company where you could tell the management would talk behind your back. Management would hold meetings and we'd be put in these uncomfortable situations where they wanted to talk bad about the other employees without them being present. There was complaining and gossiping and just not working out.

Three months in, I get pulled into a room by one of the founders of the company and he said "Jeremy, we are just going to have to let you go." At that point, you'd think I'd be stressing but it was the complete opposite. I called my wife on the way home and said "Amy, this is the most amazing news ever. I got laid off from...

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