What If I Keep Doing What I am Doing and Never Accomplish My Dreams?


What If I Keep Doing What I am Doing and Never Accomplish My Dreams?

What if You keep doing what you are doing and you never accomplish your dreams? Have you taken the time to seriously think about that? Doing what you are doing may be comfortable. But at some point in your life, if you want to take those next steps, you are going to have to change how you are approaching your dreams. You're going to have to change your routine and what you do. You are going to have to change the 8-5 routine if you want to accomplish dreams that are meant or set out for you. And you're going to have to get determined to do things that other people are not willing to do. You are going to have to be willing to take risks on yourself to get to those places you want to get to. Those places where other people simply aren't willing to put the work in.

So, the question is, are you willing to put the work in for the dreams that really drive you forward? Are you gonna do it? You've gotta do it if you want to...

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Be Courageous in Everything You Do in the Performance Arenas of Your Life

What is the next level of you being courageous in whatever you are doing? For your job, life, family, finances...What is that next level of being courageous and taking on that next challenge, risk, or next level. What does that next level of courage look like for you?
I challenge you to write down where you could be more courageous for your family. Every day, are you at least taking 30 minutes to make memories and lasting memories with them? What about your finances? What could you do to make more of a difference financially? Are you doing everything you can spiritually?
Are you doing everything you can do to boldly show up for your health? I challenge you to write down what you could do more for all the performance arenas of your life (health, spirituality, career, family, dreams, finances) and see how that can make a difference. Focus and review those the next 30 days and see how that can make a difference in how you are showing up.
"What is the Next Level...
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Being Congruent In How You Show Up in Life and Being a Role Model

Now everybody is trying to sell me. They say, "Hey Jeremy, I can help you be ten times more influential as a coach. Trust give me $10,000." Everybody is out there trying to sell you on something. And, obviously, some things are wiser investments than others.
One thing that I have learned and known but more to the forefront now. Be congruent in show you show up and portray yourself. If you have a business and you are trying to sell me on getting a greater social media following and getting more sales and all these different things coaches need then, make sure you are living into that congruently.
So, here's the story. I had someone try to sell me a $10,000 promotion package where they were going to help me with social media strategy, helping me build out my brand more, and at the end of the call, they quoted their price and I said NO. The funny thing is that person NEVER followed up with me! If you are a sales expert, don't you know you have to follow up with  me...
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