I Don't Want to Be Just Average In Anything


I Don't Want to Be Just Average In Anything

Can't we agree that most of us don't want to be average? Would you agree, you don't want to be running on the hamster wheel of your life every day chasing that neverending wheel to the top? I don't want to be that guy that's chasing the rabbit on the stick. I actually printed both of those pictures out and hung those at my desk for motivation of what I did not want to feel like I was doing. So, I could remind myself and give myself inspiration of "This is who Jeremy does NOT want to be!"

You don't have to be that person. If you don't want to be average, then you don't have to choose that. Step up to the plate and say "I am willing to not be average" and start taking the steps not to be. Being average is your choice. Be willing to start your own thing. Be willing to put the effort in it will take to get to that new job. Be willing to do what it takes to put yourself out there on social media and not care what people think about you....

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Why You're Still Waiting To Get Started On Your Dreams

Why You're Still Waiting to Get Started on Your Dreams

Do you tell yourself that you’ll get started on your big plans at some future date? You can start a business after the kids graduate from college? Or, maybe you’ll just wait until the New Year to begin your exercise program. We’ve all done it. There always seems to be a good reason not to get started right here and now.

Are you sure you know the real reason you’re waiting? If you’re waiting to begin pursuing your dreams, you’re likely just procrastinating!

Consider these excuses. Is one of them yours?

1. You’re waiting for the perfect time. Are you waiting for your job to just slow down or for your kids to get a little older? You’ll be waiting for a long time. The time will never be perfect to get started on something significant, so just get started.

2. You’re waiting for something else to happen first. Maybe you’re waiting for for the mortgage to be paid off. Or...

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What Are Your Dreams and Passions?


As I have dug in, I have found that something special to me is helping other companies that are start ups. I do this as an angel investor which I totally get geeked out about. Since starting, I have reached out to several CEOs of start ups.

Without coaching, I would probably have never found this as quickly as I did. If you want to pursue a passion, start a business, or just take your performance to the next level, I'd love to do a strategy call with you to help you discover what your next steps are.

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