An Entrepreneur - Taking My First Steps


I don't where you are but I have always felt like an entrepreneur at heart and my grandpa had a big part in encouraging me to chase it. One story I had starts where my grandpa would take me to CompUSA which was a store that sold parts to build computers.

I would always look through the Thrifty Nickel (a newspaper) and look at the ads and got this idea, "I want to build my own computers." So, I took the time to learn how to build computers and went and bought my own parts and built a computer that cost me $600 and told it in the Thrifty Nickel for $800. At the time, that was huge...I just made a $200 profit! It was this excitement of "Hey, you can be an entrepreneur, build your own business, and sell things!"

So, if you are out there and you're passionate about running your own side business or a full business, know that there is a world wide web of opportunity out there where you can make money doing things you enjoy to do. Don't be afraid to chase that dream you have and start your...

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