An Entrepreneur - Taking My First Steps


I don't where you are but I have always felt like an entrepreneur at heart and my grandpa had a big part in encouraging me to chase it. One story I had starts where my grandpa would take me to CompUSA which was a store that sold parts to build computers.

I would always look through the Thrifty Nickel (a newspaper) and look at the ads and got this idea, "I want to build my own computers." So, I took the time to learn how to build computers and went and bought my own parts and built a computer that cost me $600 and told it in the Thrifty Nickel for $800. At the time, that was huge...I just made a $200 profit! It was this excitement of "Hey, you can be an entrepreneur, build your own business, and sell things!"

So, if you are out there and you're passionate about running your own side business or a full business, know that there is a world wide web of opportunity out there where you can make money doing things you enjoy to do. Don't be afraid to chase that dream you have and start your...

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Anxious About Possibly Getting Laid Off and Tired of Same Old Same Old


About 7-8 years ago, I was at a point in my life where I was so anxious about being laid off. Corporate came in and they let go of about half of our office. This was one piece and secondly, I got to thinking "What do I really want to do in life?" If I just go through the motions and never explore things out of this realm, I was going to be stuck going through the motions.

If you are getting curious if there's something more you want to do, maybe you should explore that a little further and see what else there is out there. I love what I do - I touch lives weekly all over the world - It's amazing. You should feel excited about what you do for a living.

Get Clear On Your Strategy

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Burnt Out to Blazing
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My Journey to Kick The Energy Drink Habit


I started drinking energy drinks in the Summer of 2014. Since then, it has just been nice to stop on my commute to work, grab one and sip it on as I just like flavor. I don't really need the energy, it's just the flavor and the stop on my commute I've gotten used to.

I got to the point to I even loved the way Red Bull smelled and thought about it as an air freshner! On Friday, November 8th, I got to diving into my energy drink habit. I asked "Why Did I Start Drinking Them to Begin With?" And, when I thought about it, it was because I was in a job where it was the only thing I looked forward to when I was going to my job in 2014. How sad that was...I was buying it to fill the void.

Today, I don't have that void at all. I enjoy my dreams and where I am going. Also, I don't think we really know the long term impacts of energy drinks when people drink them for so long. I personally believe the health impacts could be negative. Do the research. Energy Drinks became my pack of cigarettes....

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