Coronavirus (COVID-19) Critical Update


This update is all about the Coronavirus, "The Pandemic", and as a result, I felt it was important to not be silent in the wake of this mass panic going on. I'm not selling toilet paper or soap so if you have your hopes up, I'm sorry to let you down!

You get to choose how you are going to respond to this whole coronavirus scare. You can respond in PANIC or this can finally be that time where you take ACTION. Where you start taking ACTION on things you know you need to and stop putting things off. Stop going the way of the crowd, take some chances, and start investing in yourself.

Stop going half at your business. Coaches are out there that don't have the confidence to go full on at their business but they have a huge impact to make. Others have a message to share with others and they are making an impact. But, they won't spend the money it takes to scale to get to the next level, build their website, and launch their business on a platform where they can take their business to the...

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