What If I Lose My Job When Pursuing My Dreams?


What If I Lose My Job When Pursuing My Dreams? 

When we start talking about investing in your dreams and really putting that time, effort, and energy into you going after what you want to go after, ALL OF YOUR FEARS come out! There are fears that you have never felt before that just come out. People have these fears like "What is my company going to think of me when I start chasing my dreams and putting myself out there?" Am I going to lose my job if I chase my dreams? What I'm chasing my fears? You have to chase these fears head on and the honest part about it is this. You make up these unrealistic fears in your head like "What happens if I lose my job?"

"What is my company going to think about when I chase my dreams?" You have to decide for yourself "Why do your dreams matter to you?". Who are you going to make a huge impact in the lives of? What are you after? Are your dreams worth it? Are you worth it? If your company is going to look down on you because you are chasing...

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