Be Courageous in Everything You Do in the Performance Arenas of Your Life

What is the next level of you being courageous in whatever you are doing? For your job, life, family, finances...What is that next level of being courageous and taking on that next challenge, risk, or next level. What does that next level of courage look like for you?
I challenge you to write down where you could be more courageous for your family. Every day, are you at least taking 30 minutes to make memories and lasting memories with them? What about your finances? What could you do to make more of a difference financially? Are you doing everything you can spiritually?
Are you doing everything you can do to boldly show up for your health? I challenge you to write down what you could do more for all the performance arenas of your life (health, spirituality, career, family, dreams, finances) and see how that can make a difference. Focus and review those the next 30 days and see how that can make a difference in how you are showing up.
"What is the Next Level...
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