Feeling Stuck Doesn't Have to Be Normal

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2019

One of life's ripoffs is that you are JUST STUCK where you are. LIES - LIES - LIES

- Don't leave your job because it pays good, has solid benefits, and you have a 401K.

- You'll never really accomplish your dreams and well, it's safer that way because then you don't have to worry about what people think of you when you fail.

- I'll start working out in one more day! - HAH!


I've lived into some of these lies and they defeat my purpose and what I stand for. Think about that for a minute! The joy is in the struggle of working for my breakthroughs. For me, it's ambitiously running a business, serving God and others in my life, showing up fully for my family, and not letting the opinions of other define my identity.

If you feel stuck, I'd like to help you. If you're ready to get-er-done, I'll show you how to own your day more in 5 days flat. My gift to you --> enjoy! Click below and I'll give you a five day challenge free that helps you own your day and get up to 50% more...

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5 Days to Owning Your Productivity - Take Action!


Have you ever felt like you have finished the day but not made any real progress?  Maybe like, you never have enough time in your day to get done what you want. I was there too but I feel extremely productive at the end of my days now. 

I want you to experience the breakthroughs I have and am inviting you to my new and FREE 5 Days of Owning Your Productivity Challenge. Join Today by clicking the link below - It's  ShockTober  and time to shock your productivity into high gear this month!


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Are You Heading Toward Your Destination?

What do you want more of? We all want more of something whether that is energy, money, better career, our own business, more time, etc. 

And secondly, how could you get more of those things? 

Sounds like common sense but most of the time we are on auto pilot and just going with the flow. It’s important we take time out and figure out where we are going, where we want to go, and if we are on that course with where we want our destination to be.

How to Measure:

1. If you don’t know, maybe read a book or take an online course.

2. Coaching has been shown as one of the most effective and quickest ways to see results.

Start something today so you can see the results you want to start seeing sooner rather than later!

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Dreams, Fear, and God - Yeah, I Am Going There

You have that dream of starting your own business but, maybe you are letting fear stand in your way. 

What will my employer think of me when they see me start something?
What will my friends think when they see me put myself out there?
What if I fail and everybody sees me fall flat on my face? 

You need to be challenged so here's your question. Who is bigger, your God or your fear? And if you believe you were uniquely created which DNA shows no one was created the exact same out of 7 billion people, then what is holding you back?

Write your dreams down and don't hold back. Write down your vision for your dreams. Then, I want you to write down what would happen when you are wildly successful. How many peoples' lives will you touch and impact?

Don't let your fears of what others think keep you from pursuing what you were designed to be able to dream of and act on.

Take action and do the 7 Day Challenge to be an All-Star in all arenas of your life. Click here to get access...

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😡😳 You're NOT Good Enough To Accomplish What You Want! 😡😳


If you're ready to take on High Performance Coaching with a free strategy session, click here to fill out a questionnaire to be considered. But, please only do it if you are serious about experiencing a high performance shift in how you show up. You got this. 

All the best.


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Do you show up in life to play Tee-Ball or Major League ball? 😁


Too many times, we show up in our home, career or dreams playing small ball. You have a lot more potential than that, play at the Big League level! Be an All-Star in all arenas of your life.

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Feeling Underappreciated At Your Job - You Should Check Out This Video!


If you're not feeling like you are appreciated or treated as inferior, this video may be for you.

Check out www.PerformanceArenas.com to become an All-Star in all arenas of your life!

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👍 6 Week Workout Challenge - Start Today 👍

If you suffer from one more day syndrome or are just ready to get in better shape, could you commit to the next 6 weeks of doing the following? It'll improve your energy, can decrease your stress and anxiety, and may just help you build this into a long term habit. Who is on board?

3X Days a Week - Go to Youtube and search 10 minute HIIT and do the workout. (if you are in good physical shape, you could do this once in the morning and once in the evening). Alternating Days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

2X Days a Week - Take 2 x 15 minute walks or 1 x 30 minute walk (Tuesday, Thursday)

2X Days a Week - 45 minute cardio (jogging, elliptical, whatever you can do - if it's just walking, it's better than nothing)


Who is onboard? Will you commit with me? 

Obviously, don't do something without direction from a doctor or that you can't handle physically, mentally, psychologically, without consulting a lawyer, and all other professionals...do at your own risk!! 


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What Habits Would You Need to 10X Your Success?

While some may take this as a selfish question, that is not the intent. The intention is that you are living with a vibrant spirit, taking care of your health and family, managing your relationships, and living with a sense of joy and passion. That you are thriving in your career and your dreams despite the struggles faced. With this in mind, let me throw you some questions as a coach.

  1. Who do you want to become as a person and what are you really striving for right now personally and professionally?
  2. What would you need to do to start doing and stop doing to experience higher levels of energy in your life?
  3. Do you have the confidence you need to step up and take on your dreams?
  4. What could you do to crush your day in terms of productivity?
  5. How could you become more influential in your career and with your family?

As a Certified High Performance Coach™, this is just a small taste of the questions I take my clients through. We focus on the present and the future, where you are...

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Have you given up on Your Dreams? Fear & Procrastination Do Not Own You!


I have a question for you about your dreams.

Have you given up on your dreams? Do you want to start your own business? Do you want to do something different in your career?

If you do, what are you doing to take steps towards this?

I think a lot of us let fear and procrastination keep us from chasing our dreams. We procrastinate in the fact that, we do everything we are supposed to do. We go to high school. We go to college. We get that piece of paper from college. Then, we go out, we keep a job and we start chasing that carrot on a stick.

However, you have dreams and what happens to people's dreams is they say, I'll chase that next week. I'll chase it next month. And, then before you know it, that next week and next month has been 5, 10, 25 years down the road and some people don't change their dreams ever. Or, maybe they wait until they retire.

The fact is, you can chase your dreams and you don't need permission to do so.

The other thing that gets in people's way is fear. People...

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