My Risk to Leave a Safe Job to a Risky Job


I left a safe job to take the risk at being an International Business Analyst. I was told I would be traveling about a week on and week off. Little did I know, they'd want me on the road 21 days at a time. This wasn't going to work with my family. The flight home from London was one of the longest flights I have ever been on. I felt like I failed myself and my family and I should have just stayed in the safe little job I had.

It all turned out ok, but in the time, it felt like the end of the world. You have to risk it sometimes to see what's on the other side. Things are not as bad as we make it sometimes.

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Anxious About Possibly Getting Laid Off and Tired of Same Old Same Old


About 7-8 years ago, I was at a point in my life where I was so anxious about being laid off. Corporate came in and they let go of about half of our office. This was one piece and secondly, I got to thinking "What do I really want to do in life?" If I just go through the motions and never explore things out of this realm, I was going to be stuck going through the motions.

If you are getting curious if there's something more you want to do, maybe you should explore that a little further and see what else there is out there. I love what I do - I touch lives weekly all over the world - It's amazing. You should feel excited about what you do for a living.

Get Clear On Your Strategy

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My Journey to Kick The Energy Drink Habit


I started drinking energy drinks in the Summer of 2014. Since then, it has just been nice to stop on my commute to work, grab one and sip it on as I just like flavor. I don't really need the energy, it's just the flavor and the stop on my commute I've gotten used to.

I got to the point to I even loved the way Red Bull smelled and thought about it as an air freshner! On Friday, November 8th, I got to diving into my energy drink habit. I asked "Why Did I Start Drinking Them to Begin With?" And, when I thought about it, it was because I was in a job where it was the only thing I looked forward to when I was going to my job in 2014. How sad that was...I was buying it to fill the void.

Today, I don't have that void at all. I enjoy my dreams and where I am going. Also, I don't think we really know the long term impacts of energy drinks when people drink them for so long. I personally believe the health impacts could be negative. Do the research. Energy Drinks became my pack of cigarettes....

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What Are Your Dreams and Passions?


As I have dug in, I have found that something special to me is helping other companies that are start ups. I do this as an angel investor which I totally get geeked out about. Since starting, I have reached out to several CEOs of start ups.

Without coaching, I would probably have never found this as quickly as I did. If you want to pursue a passion, start a business, or just take your performance to the next level, I'd love to do a strategy call with you to help you discover what your next steps are.

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Taking the Mouse and Keyboard Out of the Equation - Tap Strap 2


Imagine a world where you don't have to be reliant on a mouse and clunky keyboard. With the Tap Strap 2, it is possible to get the same amount of work done with one hand. It is a blue tooth enabled device that can connect to a computer, phone, iPad, television and even video game system. I find the device to be comfortable. It fits over the wrist of whatever hand is your most prominent one.

You tighten each one of the bands and there is a button on the thumb where you turn on the bluetooth and sync up. The company provides several different apps you can download on your phone to use to learn the alphabet to aid you in the process of learning. As far as the mouse, your pointer finger is your left click and your middle finger is your right click.

In full disclosure, the link below is an affilate link: Secondly, I am an investor in this start up company because I believe in them so much.

Here's a link to check out more about this device:


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Happy Thanksgiving and Reflection About This Year

I am so thankful. At the start of this year, I was scared to even put posts on social media much less run a coaching business. And when I looked deep within myself, I found a person who was selfish for not sharing with others in this world. I believe everyone has the power and ability to impact the lives of others and I guess all of us do it in different ways. 

My journey of gratitude started in February of this year. I was working way too many hours and I wanted to change things. So, I did. I become a certified coach, started reaching out to people and changing their lives. I created my own online course to scale the abilities to help people who maybe couldn't afford 1 on 1 coaching but that I could still impact their lives. I started trying to post on social media every single day to change others lives. It's not about the money at all...It's about impacting others lives and helping others believe in themselves enough to know they can impact the world in greater ways then...

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Who Needs You To Show Up?


Who needs you in the world and how could you show up for them in a different way? People are literally scared to death to do things and we need to be that role model for others. To be that social connection for others. A trend today is we get on our cell phones when we have problems instead of actually confronting our problems.

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Your Employer Does Not Define Who You Are


Your employer does not define who you are. In the United States, we have the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years and there are tons of options. If you feel average, unfulfilled, and not joyful, it may be time for a change. If you deserve a promotion and you are being told you're not good enough, maybe it's time to get out and do better for yourself. Go Get Em!

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Take a Ride of Your Life and Have Fun - Georgia Mountain Coaster


This is the Georgia Mountain Coaster in Helen, Georgia. This was a heck of a ride and was a little scary holding my cell phone for dear life. Here are my thoughts thoroughout the ride:

0:12 - This thing was just built in the Summer or Fall of 2019.
0:29 - hey, why is there nothing under me?
0:37 - there we go...smooth sailing
0:49 - oh wow....this thing goes up a lot further than I thought it would!
0:58 - wonder what it is going to be like going all the way down
1:22 - wow, seriously not up to the top yet?
1:45 - I sure hope I don't drop my phone on the way down!
2:30 - that was a long climb
2:47 - no going back now
2:53 - released - full throttle petal to the metal - no slowing down!
3:17 - maybe I should slow down for this curve....naaaaaa
3:20 - what was that noise on that curve?????!
3:35 - best single ride coaster I've ever rode
3:55 - What a rush! Definitely glad I did this at night time

Life is a roller coaster. Make the most of it. Take chances - not dumb ones but ones that can...

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High Performance Coaching Led Me to Angel Investing

I really geek out when it comes to seeing cutting edge start ups out there that are making a difference in the world. It has always been intriguing to me. I’ve just had that desire to be a part of companies that are doing things greater than myself. And, then somewhere along my journey, I realized that angel investing gives me that opportunity to invest in incredible companies.

It all started for me with high performance coaching and having a desire to optimize all of the arenas of my life: Spirituality, Finances, Dreams, Career, Health, and Family. When I looked deeper into the life arena of finances, I saw a person who desired to not live for retirement but someone who desired to live into retirement. With that goal, I started looking at ways to invest outside of just a 401K and traditional methods.

I married my passion for start ups with investing and that is where I discovered angel investing. Angel investing empowers normal individuals who are not quote on quote...

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