Don't Go At Things Alone and Don't be Afraid to Ask For Help

I feel like we have a real problem with trying to tackle everything on our own and not ask for help. So many people try and go at their problems alone. When you go at them alone, it takes so much more time.
Just reach out to an expert. A Friend. Someone who is an expert. Stop feeling like you have to do everything on your own and find smarter ways. Look for ways to work smarter and not smarter. I'm not saying be lazy. But, stop trying to take everything on your own if you don't have to.
This can go for relationships too. Why keep everything bottled up and not ask other people for help with what you are going through. Work - You drill away at stuff and if you took 10 minutes to ask someone, you could cut your time down significantly from just staring at the issue sometimes.
Don't go at things alone and don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it!
"Don't Try and Tackle Everything On Your Own. It's Ok to Ask for Help." - Jeremy Miller
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Stop the Negativity - Wake Up and Have a More Positive Mindset

I think it's time we make an efffort to avoid negativity more! You turn on the news and all there is are negative things happening in the world. The TV and drive to work have tons of ads just trying to shove products and motives down your throat and sell you on stuff.
The negativity is running rampant and if you are not focused in and around positive people, fighting it off and focused on what God has blessed us with in this world, you may get dragged down with it. Then, you may become that negative person. That person saying "I just can't stand going to work". "Oh, I got to go work out." You can take things that are such a blessing and make them negative.
God gave you another day to wake up on this Earth and you should be joyful about that. "Oh Hey, I have the opportunity to get up and go to the gym today so I can be more healthy for me, my family, and others." Get that positive mindset, get around more positive people, and please stop the negativity.
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Success is Dependent On You to Take Control and Stop Making Excuses


If you are going to be successful, you have to stop making excuses for things in your life. So, the problem with saying something like "I'm not in shape because of the things around me" is it is really an ownership issue. If you aren't doing what it takes for anything in life, it is your fault and you need to take ownership (as hard as that may be to hear). 

You're not late for work because of traffic. You are late because you didn't leave in time to get to work. Stop making excuses for things in your life for things you have control over. It's time to take ownership. You're not unhappy in a job because you have a bad employer. You're unhappy in your job because you haven't either found a way to be happy in your current employment situation or found another employer that you are going to get that satisfaction out of. 

So, no excuses and start taking ownership!


"If You Are Going to Be Successful, You Have Got to Stop Making Excuses for Things in Your Life." - Jeremy...

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What If You Stop Worried About the 2 Lattes You Are Buying And More On How You Can Enjoy Them?

So many people out there have a negative relationship with your money. You don't control your money but, rather, your money controls you. I think the problem is we spend so much time talking about expenses and diving into all the expenses we have in our life.

Meanwhile, we don't spend even time thinking about what strategies we need to implement so we can generate more income. So, we can have more of the types of experiences that we want to have. Why don't you take the time and spending so much time so worried about that latte you go get from Starbucks once or twice a week? Why not spend that time asking yourself "What do I have to do to generate more income so I can enjoy my morning two days out of the week?"
I don't think the problem is the lattes all the time but more with your mindset and relationship with money. Go out there and spend a little bit more time worried about generating income and not so much time on logging expenses.
Spend more time strategizing how...
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Happy New Year & Decade 2020 - Go Out and Crush It!

Happy New Year!

As you embark on the new year and decade, I wish you joy, peace, and love to generate the energy and courage to accomplish the goals you have for this next decade. The journey to accomplishing goals can be tough and most people approach goals from a perfection or quit perspective. 

Perfection or Quit

In other words, if you miss going to the gym one day, you might as well allow your week to go bad and then your month and before you know it, your entire year is blown! The same goes for a plan to eat better. You have one bad meal and then you tell yourself, "I've already screwed up a day, I failed." Be alright knowing that there are setbacks and don't let the lies of perfection get in your way of accomplishing what you have set out this New Year! 

One More Day Syndrome

Do you suffer from one more day syndrome? In one more day, I'll start working out or eating better. The problem with one more day syndrome is it turns into one more week, then one more month,...

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At the End of 2020, This is How You Will Accomplish Your Goals


Winging it for 2020 isn't going to get you accomplishing what you want to do for 2020. Given 92% of New Year's resolutions fail, winging it could really be seen as tackling your goals like most people do....going at it alone. 

If you want to have a better shot at accomplishing your goals for 2020 and beyond so you're not stuck making the same resolutions next year, then you need to do what has been shown by research to make you more apt to accomplish your goals. So, let's cut to the chase: 

1. Have an accountability partner and check in weekly with that person - Some studies have shown this will increase your chances of success by up to 95%.

2. Invest in a coach. You already know that the people at the top of their game have a coach. A CEO with 7 kids, healthy, and energized with a good relationship with his family isn't just winging it. He has a coach. Maybe you're not a CEO but what if you could 5X how you're showing up for your health, finances, family, and dreams next...

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Choose the Direction of This Year and Next Year


For me, this year has been a very pivotal year in my life. I became a Certified High Performance Coach, re-launched my online business, and started angel investing. I talk to people on a weekly basis from around the world and it's been a really amazing journey. The journey is amazing because I'm chasing my passions and in so doing, helping people more.

The coaching has impacted my life in so many ways. It's an amazing opportunity to teach other people. I wouldn't have done it without the influence of both my wife and one of my coaches, Melanie Jean Burke. I really appreciate those people in my life who support me and help me serve people with my whole hurt.

#Gratitude #CHPC #LiveTheDream #JeremyMiller #PerformanceArenas

Burnt Out to Blazing
Get Blazing at

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An Entrepreneur - Taking My First Steps


I don't where you are but I have always felt like an entrepreneur at heart and my grandpa had a big part in encouraging me to chase it. One story I had starts where my grandpa would take me to CompUSA which was a store that sold parts to build computers.

I would always look through the Thrifty Nickel (a newspaper) and look at the ads and got this idea, "I want to build my own computers." So, I took the time to learn how to build computers and went and bought my own parts and built a computer that cost me $600 and told it in the Thrifty Nickel for $800. At the time, that was huge...I just made a $200 profit! It was this excitement of "Hey, you can be an entrepreneur, build your own business, and sell things!"

So, if you are out there and you're passionate about running your own side business or a full business, know that there is a world wide web of opportunity out there where you can make money doing things you enjoy to do. Don't be afraid to chase that dream you have and start your...

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Why You're Still Waiting To Get Started On Your Dreams

Why You're Still Waiting to Get Started on Your Dreams

Do you tell yourself that you’ll get started on your big plans at some future date? You can start a business after the kids graduate from college? Or, maybe you’ll just wait until the New Year to begin your exercise program. We’ve all done it. There always seems to be a good reason not to get started right here and now.

Are you sure you know the real reason you’re waiting? If you’re waiting to begin pursuing your dreams, you’re likely just procrastinating!

Consider these excuses. Is one of them yours?

1. You’re waiting for the perfect time. Are you waiting for your job to just slow down or for your kids to get a little older? You’ll be waiting for a long time. The time will never be perfect to get started on something significant, so just get started.

2. You’re waiting for something else to happen first. Maybe you’re waiting for for the mortgage to be paid off. Or...

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Not Settling for the Job You Are in but Struggling


I decided that I was not going to get older and not have explored what other job opportunities were out there. I joined this small company that was into website design and optimization. Having being passion in this area in the past, I decided, I was going to go for it!

I got into the company and could start to feel, "this just wasn't right for me." It was the type of company where you could tell the management would talk behind your back. Management would hold meetings and we'd be put in these uncomfortable situations where they wanted to talk bad about the other employees without them being present. There was complaining and gossiping and just not working out.

Three months in, I get pulled into a room by one of the founders of the company and he said "Jeremy, we are just going to have to let you go." At that point, you'd think I'd be stressing but it was the complete opposite. I called my wife on the way home and said "Amy, this is the most amazing news ever. I got laid off from...

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