There Are Too Many People Doing What I Want To Do


There Are Too Many People Doing What I Want To Do

The popular thing I hear is, "Jeremy, there are just do many people out there chasing what I want to do. I wanna be this person who goes out there and coaches people. But, there are just so many people out there coaching people, I just feel like the market is saturated. I just don't feel like I should do this." I look at these people and I feel for them because it comes at least partially out of a lack of belief in self.

Ok, so let's say you want to be a coach. There are thousands of coaches in the world. What distinguishes the best coaches in the world? Who are the best coaches in the world? If you want to do something, you have got to dominate. If you're not going to go into your dream dominating and conquering it and having the right attitude, then you are not going to be the best. And, yes, the market is over-saturated with under-dominators. the reality though that the market is over-saturated is fake. If you are going to go into being a coach, you're going to be the best at it, RIGHT?

You are going to show up EVERY single WEEK online for your clients, for your fans, in videos, in their inbox, in their ears. If you're doing that alone, you probably put yourself in the top 90-95 percentile as a coach. And, you have to keep doing those things that multiply you. Second, if you're going to be a coach, I wasn't going to be a typical life coach that gets my ICF paperwork and starts asking people the same repetitive questions coaching session after coaching session. That's boring, redundant, and outdated. When, I decided I wanted to be a coach I said:

I want to be a High Performance Coach. I want to coach based on science backed proof so I can help people really accomplish the needle movers in their life.
More than that, I've lived it out. I am a Performance Arenas head coach that I have done my own research on.

If you want to do something bad enough, you'll find a way to do it. But, you're going to need help - I'm here for ya. Go to and I'll help you get on your way.

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