Don't Be Afraid to Post on Social Media Because of What People Think

This message is for some of you out there that feel uncomfortable putting your video or yourself out there on social media. I felt this way in January/February of 2019. Fact of the matter is, people may like it or may not. In reality though, people honestly don't care what you post.
Most people forget everything you have posted 24 hours later. Think back yourself or what you liked two days ago on social media. So many people are afraid of the haters out there that are going to beat them up over what they are posting but, what they are not thinking about are the lives they could change by sharing their stories.
The people's lives that you can light up and shine is totally worth it. Don't let the one hater out of the thousand people who love you get in the way of you making a difference in this world.
"People Honestly Don't Care What You Post on Social Media. They Usually Forget Within 24 Hours." - Jeremy Miller
"When Posting On Social Media, Think About the Lives You Are Going to Share By Sharing Your Story." - Jeremy Miller
"Don't Let the 1 Hater Out of the 1,000 People Who Love You Keep You from Making a Difference in This World." - Jeremy Miller

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