Prioritizing and Aligning the Performance Arenas of Your Life - Jeremy Miller

You probably know that my big thing is Performance Arenas. And, what that is keeping your life in balance. Keeping your career, your health, finances, spirituality and God aligned and in balance. The reason it is so important is I see and talk to so many people that are really struggling.
I see and talk to so many people that work so many hours in their job and get so stressed out and they may have a health condition now that is going to stick around with them. You see so many people that work so hard and then their marriage goes bad. They think there's this big dream to start their own company and then they work so hard on that that they ruin their marriage.
We have to have balance in our life because if we don't have balance then this thing you think you are working towards is just not what it appears. The dream of having your own business and quitting your job and living your dream's great to think that and chase those ambitions is great but don't go after those things so hard that you lose alignment with the other performance arenas in your life.
If you don't have your family and God prioritized, your finances, your job. Go out their and kill your job. Just because you are chases your dreams doesn't mean you let other arenas in your life suffer. Go out there and keep aligned in these performance arenas. Ask yourself every day.
"How am I showing up?"
"Am I prioritizing what I should be prioritizing?"
If not, you got to get realigned and that's all about planning your day and showing up where you should be in the arenas of your life.
"We Have Got to Have Balance in Our Life. Otherwise, It Doesn't Matter What Dream Your Working Towards." - Jeremy Miller
"Don't Go After Things So Hard That You Lose Alignment With the Other Performance Arenas of Your Life." - Jeremy Miller
"Just Because You Are Chasing Your Dreams, Doesn't Mean You Allow Other Arenas in Your Life to Suffer or Struggle." - Jeremy Miller
"Ask Yourself Every Day - How Am I Showing Up? Am I Prioritizing What I Should Be? If Not, You Gotta Get Realigned." - Jeremy Miller

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