Dumb Lies - I'm Just Not Good Enough - No Matter How You Look At It


Dumb Lies - I'm Just Not Good Enough - No Matter How You Look At It

How about the lie you tell yourself "I'm just not good enough". I know you have said it before and if that's you, get a piece of paper right now and let's start writing why you're not good enough. Write down all the reasons why you are not good enough: For your family, career, dreams, finances, health, spirituality. What are all the reasons you are not good enough?

Then, take another piece of paper and break that thing out and write out all the reasons you are good enough. All the reasons your God designed you to be good enough and more than a conqueror. Write them all out on the second page. You've got to know YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH but it is the LIES that come down from a big pit down below you that say "Hey, you're just not good enough to get another job. You're stuck there the rest of your life." LIES --> "You're too old to be thinking about going after your dreams. You better just go after that safety net you have now."

If you are telling yourself you're not good enough, I want to go back to the analogy of a child. What would you tell your kid if they came up to you and said "Hey, I'm just not good enough to be an artist. I'm just not good enough to play baseball." What are you going to tell your kid? Are you treating yourself at that same level. If not, then get aligned. Love yourself. Hug yourself. You were designed and made to be more than a conqueror. GO OUT and be that. 

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