What If You Stop Worried About the 2 Lattes You Are Buying And More On How You Can Enjoy Them?

So many people out there have a negative relationship with your money. You don't control your money but, rather, your money controls you. I think the problem is we spend so much time talking about expenses and diving into all the expenses we have in our life.

Meanwhile, we don't spend even time thinking about what strategies we need to implement so we can generate more income. So, we can have more of the types of experiences that we want to have. Why don't you take the time and spending so much time so worried about that latte you go get from Starbucks once or twice a week? Why not spend that time asking yourself "What do I have to do to generate more income so I can enjoy my morning two days out of the week?"
I don't think the problem is the lattes all the time but more with your mindset and relationship with money. Go out there and spend a little bit more time worried about generating income and not so much time on logging expenses.
Spend more time strategizing how you are going to make more income so that you can live the lifestyle that you want to live.
"So Many People Have a Negative Relationship with Money. You Should Control Your Money, Not Your Money Controlling You." - Jeremy Miller
"We Spend So Much Time Talking About Cutting Two Lattes a Week Out of Our Expenses Instead of Earning More Income to Enjoy Them." - Jeremy Miller
"Why Don't You Stop Wasting So Much Time Worried About the Cost of a $5 Coffee and Spend More Time On What It Takes to Earn More Income to Enjoy It?" - Jeremy Miller
"Spend More Time Worried About Generating Income Instead of Micromanaging Your Expenses." - Jeremy Miller

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