Idle Time is Trouble - Schedule and Plan Your Days Intentionally

It's my personal belief that when people have too much idle time, that is when they are getting into trouble. I try to really intentionally schedule my days so that I am making a difference in this world. Whether it is working, working out, working on my dreams...
The idle time is when people go out and get into trouble. Idle time when they are sitting on their time sitting on their phones wasting their time and life on social media. The idle time where people veg out on the couch and live on the couch. That idle time where they go out and drink and become an alcoholic and develop this unhealthy lifestyle because of idle time. 
I think if we could be a lot better at scheduling our days and really holding ourselves accountable to really making a difference in the world, we'd show up at more of our true potential. Decrease your idle time and a lot of the problems that come from it will probably correct itself. Schedule fun into your day and look at your idle time to see if that is a problem you are having.
"When People Have Too Much Idle Time, That is When They are Getting Into Trouble."  - Jeremy Miller
"Idle Time is When People are Wasting Their Life and Their Day on Social Media." - Jeremy Miller
"Master The Skill of Being Lot Better at Scheduling Your Days and Making a Difference in the World." - Jeremy Miller

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