Happy New Year & Decade 2020 - Go Out and Crush It!

Happy New Year!

As you embark on the new year and decade, I wish you joy, peace, and love to generate the energy and courage to accomplish the goals you have for this next decade. The journey to accomplishing goals can be tough and most people approach goals from a perfection or quit perspective. 

Perfection or Quit

In other words, if you miss going to the gym one day, you might as well allow your week to go bad and then your month and before you know it, your entire year is blown! The same goes for a plan to eat better. You have one bad meal and then you tell yourself, "I've already screwed up a day, I failed." Be alright knowing that there are setbacks and don't let the lies of perfection get in your way of accomplishing what you have set out this New Year! 

One More Day Syndrome

Do you suffer from one more day syndrome? In one more day, I'll start working out or eating better. The problem with one more day syndrome is it turns into one more week, then one more month, year, decade and, you get the picture. This is how people get stuck in jobs they hate. They tell themselves they are going to get out but never take the steps. I encourage you as you move into this new decade to be intentional and catch every single time you tell yourself "I'll just do it tomorrow". Don't be content with just doing it the next day every time something comes up. Commit to that!

Be Joyful and Courageous in 2020

In 2020, this is the year you be more joyful and take more chances on yourself. This is when you truly be courageous and not afraid to move forward on the goals and dreams that matter to you. This is the year that you are going to stop letting dumb lies tell you can't do something and prove them wrong. What are your dreams? DO MORE of those things! You don't live forever on Earth so why not go out and conquer your dreams? 

I wish you a joyful, peaceful, and courageous New Year. Go out and show up as an All-Star in all arenas of your life:

1. Family
2. Finances
3. Spirituality
4. Health
5. Career
6. Dreams

Go out and rock 2020. And, if you want to take a free 5 day productivity challenge, you can click here to sign up for that. Welcome to 2020. Go CRUSH IT Performance Arenas members!

All the best,
Jeremy Miller

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