Fuel Your Body with Energy It Needs to Push You Through the Day

In order to show up as who you want to show up in life, you have to take care of your body. You've got to get plenty of sleep at night and drink plenty of water during the day. You have to fuel your body with food that is going to help you push through your day.
It sounds so simple but it is taken for granted. If you are not intentionally doing it, it could show up in ways you are not expecting it. It could hinder you from sleeping at night. It could show up in your job and you wind up working an extra hour a day just because you don't have the proper fuel your body needs.
You may not be aware what your allergies are to different foods or what your intolerances are and so all of a sudden, you're not showing up as who you truly could be showing up as with your full potential.
Drink More Water.
Eat Better.
Know Your Allergies.
Know Your Intolerances.
And, then you're going to be able to show up a lot better in life. And, of course, every study shows you have to get more sleep at night if you want to get more done. Go out there and plan more intentionally and I think you're going to see a big difference in how you're showing up.
"You Have to Fuel Your Body with Food That Will Help You Push Through Your Day." - Jeremy Miller
"You Are Not Going to Show Up At Your Full Potential If You Are Not Fueling Your Body With the Food & Water It Needs." - Jeremy Miller

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