Fears of Losing a Stable Job - Better Not Take Risks


Fears of Losing a Stable Job - Better Not Take Risks

The classic case of someone with a stable job but yearning for more. "Jeremy, I really want to be more in my life. I really want to do this other thing but, I have this job right now and it pays be fairly good and it is safe. I've got these really good benefits and I'm just scared. If I lose that, then what?" You got to take risks if you want to see rewards. You have to be willing to go that extra mile. What if you succeed?

Why do we ask ourselves about why if we fail? What if you succeed beautifully and you get in this other job and you knock it out of the park? Some people are also afraid to approach their bosses and say "Hey, I want to get to that next level. What does it take?" DO IT if you want to move up in your company. If your boss can't tell you that, maybe you need to leave. Maybe you need to go down the road. Companies need to be promoting based on performance and not based on years with the company. If you are putting out good stuff and giving your company a big return on investment in what you're putting out, then your company may need to pay you more (quite simple). If not, get out. You're wasting your time if your working and worth more and not getting paid for it.

If you're afraid you are going to get laid off at another company, then maybe you should check yourself. We have the lowest unemployment rate (in the United States) that we've had in over 50 years. You can find another job, you can find another career. Be happy when you go home, be excited when you get up to go to work.

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