Don't Underestimate Yourself and the Skills and Strategies You Bring to the Table

Never Underestimate Yourself. I have people that come up to me and say, "Well, Jeremy, I've just worked in this job where I've done tech support 10 years. And, I really just don't have anything I could share with the world."
I say "Really, you've worked in tech support for 10 years! You've helped people solve their problems. And, you don't think you have tools, strategies, and methods that you can use to start your company and share all these tech strategies with all these people with computer problems?"
People underestimate themselves. People underestimate their skills. When you are talking, amp up that level how you are describing yourself. You're a lot more than what you are giving yourself credit for. Quite frankly, you're not describing YOU how God would describe you as in contributing in the world.
When you go out there, give it your all. Use your skills you have attained to push forward in your future and stop underestimating yourself.
"Never Underestimate Yourself or Your Potential. You've Got a Ton to Share." - Jeremy Miller
"You Have Tools, Strategies, and Abilties to Start Your Own Company. It's A Matter of Whether You Want to or Not." - Jeremy Miller
"You are a Lot More Than What You Give Yourself Credit For." - Jeremy Miller

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