Coronavirus (COVID-19) Critical Update


This update is all about the Coronavirus, "The Pandemic", and as a result, I felt it was important to not be silent in the wake of this mass panic going on. I'm not selling toilet paper or soap so if you have your hopes up, I'm sorry to let you down!

You get to choose how you are going to respond to this whole coronavirus scare. You can respond in PANIC or this can finally be that time where you take ACTION. Where you start taking ACTION on things you know you need to and stop putting things off. Stop going the way of the crowd, take some chances, and start investing in yourself.

Stop going half at your business. Coaches are out there that don't have the confidence to go full on at their business but they have a huge impact to make. Others have a message to share with others and they are making an impact. But, they won't spend the money it takes to scale to get to the next level, build their website, and launch their business on a platform where they can take their business to the next level. It's like, they love their day job so much that they aren't willing to take a chance on themselves.

But, that's not what the conversation at the dinner table sounds like! Some talk about how they hate their job and they can't stand what they are doing. They love what they are doing to help other people but yet they won't take the chance and go out there and make that difference they know they can make in other people's lives. Today is that opportunity to take a chance. Stop saying "one more day" and take that chance on yourself. Go take a 28 day challenge - it's a free trial so it does not have to cost you anything but the experience. Start doing, stop complaining, and take a shot.

When we have times like this, you can be freaked out, or you can trust in God and move forward with your business and start doing the things other people won't do because they are scared. If you are a coach or someone that knows you can impact other people's lives, get yourself out there and start making a difference. If you're someone who knows you want to make a difference but don't know how then, hire a coach. Take the NEXT STEP.

Stop telling yourself you are just going to do it all on your own. Doing it on your own takes more time, money, and effort over the long term. If you would just hire a coach to begin with, you could just shortcut the process so much quicker. I help people put together a plan and take decisive action. Through this action, they get to their goals in 3 to 6 months versus 4 to 5 years of trying to do it on their own (and that's if they actually follow through on their own).

Go after your business ideas fully and stop hiding.

MONEY MONEY MONEY - People are freaking out about the stock market and their retirement right now. They are scared they don't have enough money. In my opinion, we are a society that is brainwashed to throw all the extra money you have into your 401K. We are in a society where companies severely limit your abilities to invest your 401K in the direction you want by limiting your investment options.

In terms of money, I think it is important where possible, that people don't count on their full time job as their only money source. Do you have other areas where you are getting cash flow? I think it's important that people look and find ways to generate different money flows that come in so if your job does decide to lay you off or things do get worse, you have other sources of income. Another reason to just go after a business idea or, if you are in network marketing, push a little harder. Make more phone calls and invest the time, effort, and money to do this stuff.

I don't think everybody should put all their money into the stock market. I'm not saying I think people should pull all their money out of the stock market, panic, and put their money into something else right now. Full disclosure, I'm not a financial advisor of any type and you should always reach out to a professional before making any financial decision. With that said, why not put money into other options other than the stock market?

Invest in other people.
Invest in yourself and your education.
Build a business.
Build a brand.
Do something that gets you fired up.

Why not work to get other streams of income built up aside from your day job? It gives you stability where if your day job does crash then, it can soften the blow.

Don't Panic Right Now (don't be stupid).
Take Action on Your Goals.
Spend Time With Your Family.
Go After Your Business.
Invest in Yourself.
Do Those Things You Have Been Scared to Do Before.
Stop Making Excuses.
Stop Complaining.

While everybody else is running scared and in fear, this is your opportunity to stand out.


Jeremy Miller, Founder

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