Dumb Lies - I Will Never Be the Leader I Want to Be


Dumb Lies - I Will Never Be the Leader I Want to Be

Lies and Fears Just Love to Take Control of Your Life. The lies of "I'll never be the leader that I want to be in my day job." That may not be a lie in the sense that maybe you do have to find another company that will appreciate you for what you are worth. Maybe you do need to find a boss that is not going to put you down or belittle you because that crap is a ripoff! If you have a boss that is putting you down then, you need to get control of that now.

Find a different boss. Find a different company. That is ridiculous to put up with that. What would you tell your closest friend if they were in this spot? Better yet, what would you tell your kid if they came home and said, "My school teacher told me I wasn't good enough." What would you tell them? Are you doing that with yourself? The fact of the matter is, sometimes we just don't treat ourselves the way we should. If somebody is putting you down, you need to put yourself up. Sometimes that means you FIRE your boss. If your boss isn't going to promote you like you deserve, then you fire them. Go find a different job.

Back to dreams...Chase your dreams. Don't let your company hold you back from chasing your dreams. Don't let YOU hold you back from chasing your dreams. YOU hold YOU BACK! You got to stop doing that. Got it? Go to PerformanceArenas.com and GET IT!

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