The American Dream is Not Dead - It is Alive and Well!

I was at the airport a week ago and overheard this conversation this lady was having with another lady. We were in the standard priority lines to check our bags. Then, I heard this lady say "The American dream is dead." She followed by saying "Who are we in this in country that our status decides how quickly we are going to get through the lines?"
There were two things that really bothered me.
1 - The American Dream is alive and well! We live in a country where we have freedom on religion, freedom to start our own businesses, and overall freedom to do what we want. For instance, if you want to make money, the unemployment rate is at the lowest level in 50 years. So, if you're not, you're making excuses.
2 - Status Item About the Airlines - If you had a business and had someone coming to you and giving you fifty times more business, are you not going to prioritize them a little bit more in trying to make sure they are happy and satisfied?
The American dream is alive and well. We are very blessed in this country and have so many opportunities but just don't take advantage of them all the time. I am so thankful to live in this country and what we are blessed with.
"The American Dream is NOT dead. It is alive and well. We have so much freedom." - Jeremy Miller
"We Have So Many Opportunities, Sometimes We Just Don't Always Take Advantage of Them All." - Jeremy Miller

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