At the End of 2020, This is How You Will Accomplish Your Goals


Winging it for 2020 isn't going to get you accomplishing what you want to do for 2020. Given 92% of New Year's resolutions fail, winging it could really be seen as tackling your goals like most people do....going at it alone. 

If you want to have a better shot at accomplishing your goals for 2020 and beyond so you're not stuck making the same resolutions next year, then you need to do what has been shown by research to make you more apt to accomplish your goals. So, let's cut to the chase: 

1. Have an accountability partner and check in weekly with that person - Some studies have shown this will increase your chances of success by up to 95%.

2. Invest in a coach. You already know that the people at the top of their game have a coach. A CEO with 7 kids, healthy, and energized with a good relationship with his family isn't just winging it. He has a coach. Maybe you're not a CEO but what if you could 5X how you're showing up for your health, finances, family, and dreams next year? What would that mean for you? 

What I want for you is to be able to look back at 2020 as an amazing year at this time next year. I want you to see everything you have accomplished and say, "Wow, this was the best year of my life!" And being perfectly honest with you, this is the first year I can look back in a long time and say "I feel like I killed it this year in all arenas of my life." 

For a limited time until the end of 2019, I'm offering you the opportunity to set the stage for 2020 but time is running out. I challenge you to stop letting fear to control you and invest in yourself for the next year. Seriously, what does your Bible tell you about fear? It's pretty clear, right? 

I want to help you out with establishing your 2020 goals and helping you keep them. Are You Ready? Make the shift and I'll be there to help you along. Take the next step to making 2020 amazing.

There's too many people working so many hours at their job that it takes a toll on their family or their health. Or, they are trying to start a business and maybe you aren't showing up at your day job as the same person or you are destroying your marriage. Balance is achievable. But, you're going to need a coach. Don't go at it alone. 

Wishing you an incredible 2020! 

Jeremy Miller, Founder
Performance Arenas

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