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Exhausted, Tired, & Overwhelmed? Not Making the Progress You Want? 😩

Certified High Performance Coaching™

Overcome Exhaustion 😩. Increase Your Energy, Gain Clarity, Improve Your Focus & Productivity. Your Days are Numbered on this Earth - Serve Fully & Seek Freedom 🙋.

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Life Arenas All-Star

Transform Your Reality from Burnt Out to Blazing 🤓. Gain the Clarity, Focus, Plan, and Accountability You Need to Take Control and Realize the Results and Vision you Seek.

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Dive into a Research Driven Journey on How to Balance Major Life Arenas (Family, Career, Dreams) While Maximizing Leadership, Productivity, Energy and Health 😃. 

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Jeremy Miller, CHPC: Your Certified High Performance Coach™

Experience Increased Energy, More Focus, Heightened Productivity, and Improved Influence to Reach Breakthrough Levels of High Performance.

As the Founder of Performance Arenas and a leading Certified High Performance Coach™, Jeremy Miller helps aspiring high performers reach breakthrough levels of high performance. Having built businesses as the Founder and CEO of Bugon Website Services from 2007 - 2012, he has helped thousands worldwide transform their businesses. As the Founder of Performance Arenas, he partners with companies, business owners, and hard working individuals to help them transform from a state of feeling burnt out to 🔥 blazing! 🔥

Jeremy shares with Performance Arenas followers his online courses and high performance coaching. Followed by thousands on social media, he shares research driven and science backed strategies for living a more fulfilling life and reaching elevated levels of clarity, energy, and high performance.

Certified High Performance Coaching™ is a 12 week interactive and science based coaching program that includes sessions with the option to record, curriculum including exercises and challenges to help you in forming new habits, and implementation notes from our high performance sessions. Coaching is kicked off with a high performance strategy session that dives into why you want to be coached and to give you takeaways on the very first day.

Life Arenas All-Star is for those who prefer to start with an online course and will help you gain clarity, focus, a plan, and accountability you need to go from burnt out to blazing performance. A pre-requisite of Life Arenas All-Star is that you complete a 5 day productivity challenge to make sure you are ready to progress to the online course. Life Arenas Mastery does not require any challenges to be performed prior to taking the course. 

Meet Coach Jeremy Miller

Why Certified High Performance Coaching™ with Jeremy?

Results Driven, Science Backed, and Timely Results

What Makes Certified High Performance Coaching Different From the Other Life Coaching Programs Out There?:

1.  This is the first science backed data driven coaching program shown effective across multiple domains. 

2.  Every top performing CEO, business owner, blogger, and athlete has a coach. It is the secret sauce for how higher performers attain high performance.

3.  Contrary to popular belief, high performance is NOT strongly correlated with gender, age, nationality, intelligence, personality, strengths, weaknesses, creativity, age, or compensation. 

4.  It is challenge based, forward-oriented, and the outcomes from Certified High Performance Coaching™ are clear. 

5.  Certified High Performance Coaches™ ranked a 9.6 out of 10 for feedback from clients. This is not another life coaching program out there. The results of Certified High Performance Coaching™ are real and have been measured.


If accepted as a student of Jeremy Miller, your Certified High Performance Coaching™ curriculum will start with these 12 results-driven sessions:

Session 1 - Focal Points: Discover your focus, level of agency or control, and habits.

Session 2 - Clarity: Gain immediate, behavioral-driven clarity and intentionality. 

Session 3 - Energy: Gain immediate improvements in the energy you feel and generate each day. 

Session 4 - Courage: Gain confidence, decisiveness, and momentum. 

Session 5 - Productivity: Become immediately more effective and productive each and every day.

Session 6 - Influence: Become immediately more influential in your relationships and careers. 

Session 7 - Psychology Mastery: Learn how to develop a more free, consciously-directed, positively engaged mind.

Session 8 - Physiology Mastery: Gain more energy by using the power of physiology in taking care of our physical bodies.

Session 9 - Productivity Mastery: Think of a big goal or dream you'd like to achieve. What if we could know in advance whether it is worth putting your productive time into achieving it?

Session 10 - Persuasion Mastery: Using the power of persuasion for thinking through any situation and gauge how persuasive and influential you are and how to maximize it.

Session 11 - Purpose Mastery: Defining and leading your life's purpose and helping make sure you are living into that purpose.

Session 12 - High Performance Commitment: Define your best areas for commitment and discipline to show up with your very best levels of purpose, presence, productivity, persuasion, psychology, and physiology.

What are the Next Steps for Getting Certified High Performance Coaching™?:

1. It all starts with a 2 hour strategy call where you will discover at least 5 takeaways that help you improve your levels of clarity, energy, productivity, influence, and courage. These strategies will be ones that you can implement in your life right away given you take action to do so. Book a Certified High Performance Coaching Strategy Call Now!

2. At the completion of the Strategy Call, given we decide we are a right fit for each other, we will move forward with the 12 week coaching program. Your investment in the strategy call will be reimbursed from the overall cost of the 12 week coaching. 

3. You leave our coaching strategy call with actions to implement into your life right away. 

Coach Jeremy Miller: Testimonials

"I highly recommend Jeremy as your performance coach. He is very friendly, understanding and knows how to help you find the best answers to whatever challenges you're facing in your life. He is very passionate about his work, and really cares about other people and serving as well as possible."

Max Illingworth
Chess Grandmaster and the 2018-19 Australian Chess Champion

"Jeremy is an amazing coach that brings his heart and soul into every session. He is a family man that thrives on helping others to push through their own limitation to reach new levels of productivity, passion, and fulfillment. I sincerely enjoyed working with Jeremy and gained new insights about myself that I will carry with me the rest of my life!"

Dr. Ram Cheruvu
Pharmacist from Plano, Texas

Burnt Out to Blazing! Let Jeremy Help You Achieve More!

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